Buenos Aries - Part 2

Eva Peron's mausoleum
Last week in - Part 1 - I talk about backdrop events to our visit to Argentina and the hotel we stayed in.

Buenos Aries is the same latitude as Cape Town so the is similar. Mild winters and warm summers. Buenos Aries was a complete surprise to me. The Spanish influence is immediately evident. Locals look Spanish, speak Spanish and the architecture was much like I had seen in Spain. It felt like I was in Europe. This wasn't the South America I was expecting. Where were the indigenous people?

Caminito area
And there was a lot more I wasn't expecting. Like the immense diversity of the country. Argentina extends far south toward the Antarctic to Tierra del Fuego where you can see glaciers, across west in the direction of neighbour Chile is Mendoza where they produce wines. Near Mendoza are some of the highest mountain peaks in the world in the Andes mountains. And there are lakes, wetlands, deserts, salt flats, forests and more . . . Phew! 
Tango dancers in the street - he's checking I put money in the box
We thought a week would be enough.

We had to accept we were not going to see it all and prioritise. Since we were based in Buenos Aries and not hiring a car. We chose to combine self-guided walks with bus tours.

In the city of Buenos Aries our must-do's were  -
Florida Street
Water taxis - Tigre Delta

Also worth trying if you have the time or inclination -

Street people
Next week in - Part 3 - I suggest day trips, eating and give a link to safety tips.

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