Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buenos Aries - Part 2

Eva Peron's mausoleum
Last week in - Part 1 - I talk about backdrop events to our visit to Argentina and the hotel we stayed in.

Buenos Aries is the same latitude as Cape Town so the - weather - is similar. Mild winters and warm summers. Buenos Aries was a complete surprise to me. The Spanish influence is immediately evident. Locals look Spanish, speak Spanish and the architecture was much like I had seen in Spain. It felt like I was in Europe. This wasn't the South America I was expecting. Where were the indigenous people?

Caminito area
And there was a lot more I wasn't expecting. Like the immense diversity of the country. Argentina extends far south toward the Antarctic to - Tierra del Fuego - where you can see glaciers, across west in the direction of neighbour Chile is - Mendoza - where they produce wines. Near Mendoza are some of the highest mountain peaks in the world in the - Andes - mountains. And there are lakes, wetlands, deserts, salt flats, forests and more . . . Phew! 
Tango dancers in the street - he's checking I put money in the box
We thought a week would be enough.

We had to accept we were not going to see it all and prioritise. Since we were based in Buenos Aries and not hiring a car. We chose to combine self-guided walks with bus tours.

In the city of Buenos Aries our must-do's were  -
Florida Street
Water taxis - Tigre Delta
  • Follow a map and see as many of the famous districts and landmarks as possible
  • Visit - Eva Peron's - tomb in the Recoleta cemetery
  • Take a trip on the old - underground train - with manual doors from Peru station
  • See and stroll along the Waterfront area
  • Take advantage of the favourable exchange rate and do a bit of shopping.
  • Have a custom - leather jacket - made up
  • Walk along the - Caminito - in the - La Boca - area
  • Enjoy a coffee at one of the many street cafes
  • Eat lots of local - ice cream

Also worth trying if you have the time or inclination -
  • Watch a - football - match at one of the many stadiums
  • Take - Tango - lessons
  • Visit a - parrilla - or steak restaurant
  • Watch a - polo - match
Street people
Next week in - Part 3 - I suggest day trips, eating and give a link to safety tips.

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