Health and safety hazzards

Sunset Beach, Milnerton, Cape Town
We run a guest house and we have noticed some visitors are nervous of South Africa. Traveling can present challenges. Fears usually relate to quality of food and water, crime, insects such as mosquitoes, roads, Hepatitis A or B, parasites and HIV AIDS.

In rural areas where there is stagnant water and poor living conditions there can be some risk of diseases such as cholera, bilharzia, typhoid and rabies. But in Cape Town it is very unlikely.

Since my blog is focused on Cape Town I am not going to even talk about that sort of travel.

Firstly tap water in Cape Town is perfectly safe to drink. Mentioned this topic before in another post see here - tap water. Malaria does not occur in Cape Town. Spoke about this in more depth here - malaria.

Here are the safety precautions I would suggest.
Luckily we aren't likely to have natural disasters. We hardly ever get lightening and thunder storms in the Cape. No fault lines here, so we don't fear earthquakes. We don't have volcanoes and we don't get tsunamis. It seldom snows here, so no avalanches or blizzards either. It can get windy and it can get hot. Mountain fires can get fierce at times. In winter it rains a lot. But we're pretty lucky here when it comes down to it. For more travel and safety tips follow this link - Travel and safety tips.

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