Soccer World cup 2010, visitors play, safety

We are having such great weather here, it's hard to believe it's winter. Visitors unaware of the hole in the ozone layer south of the equator are sporting bright lobster red faces. The Ozzies have their slip; slap; slop sun protection campaign for this very reason.
A few stories of tourists being robbed have come out. It shouldn't happen. It does. If it is not bolted down then it is up for grabs in South Africa. We are used to it.
I am stunned when I travel at how people in other countries take the safety of their possessions for granted. In Scotland, I saw a group of girls all get up to go to the loo and leave their handbags on the table.
And better yet, in Dubai, I noticed that people leave their cars keys in the ignition so the engine can run to keep the air conditioner going. But my best ever was on a remote island in Greece where the local petrol station had an honesty box full of money. You paid for your petrol and took your own change. The owner was helluva annoyed that we disturbed him so we could pay.
Meanwhile the Brits are having a ball at Cool Britannia at the CTICC. And the Brazilians are livin' la vida locally at Little Brazil at the civic centre in Sea Point.

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