Green Point Rate Payers Association, parking

I went to the Green Point Rate Payers Association meeting last night. What struck me is how this little suburb has been taken completely out of it's comfort zone. Key issues are how the stadium will be managed, the roads, parking and the preservation of a communal area given to the public by King George V. Green Point was the first English name given to a suburb in Cape Town.

What we do have is a beautiful new stadium, new roads and a massive upgrade of our park. What we also have, is FIFA taking over this weekend and we no longer have a say in things. It is fair to say that locals were vehemently opposed the building of the new stadium. We are inclined to resist change here. And that may be a good thing at times.

Our local city council has a lovely website with lots of useful information. Information like where to collect your Soccer Cup tickets and what to bring. Visit the website at City of Cape Town official website.

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