Gay, pink, men only, Evita Bezuidenhout

Cape Town is the gay capital of Africa. It is actively promoted as a pink holiday destination and web searches will reveal hotels, bars and spas that are for men only or have pink credentials.
The pink district comprises of Green Point and The Waterkant areas. There are loads of bars, shops, restaurants and activities on the go day and night.
My favourite place to eat is Manhattan's. The food and service is consistently good. And they have a vegetarian section on their menu. Good on them.
We have annual gay pride parades but my best is the MCQP or Mother City Queer Project. It's an almighty bash around mid December. People get dressed up in outrageous outfits and party like there is no tomorrow.
And we have our very own Dame Edna here too. Tannie Evita (Auntie Evita) is well loved by all. S/he is a a political satirist, stand up comedian and humanitarian. S/he has been able to get away with attacks on politicians for years hiding behind her alter ego. A visit to her farm and restaurant out in Darling gives valuable insight into our past and history. S/he has also put immense effort into promoting an awareness of HIV prevention.

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